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We are an Independent Baptist Church with a heart for making a difference in Mattoon and Charleston area. But really that's enough about us for now, you can find out more by exploring the website. We are looking for people like you to come join with us as we attempt to spread the Good News of salvation to everyone in our community and to the whole world.



This word is used only once in the Bible (I Corinthians 16:22). It is actually a word that comes directly from the ancient Syriac language. It means: "Our Lord is coming." Although the word itself is only used once, the concept is taught often through scripture. The "Coming" to which the apostle is referring is the one in which He sets up His Kingdom and executes judgment on the wicked.

So why would a church name have the word "Maranatha" in it. The word became a greeting between early Christians just to remind them that the only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ would one day make everything right. He was going to return and relieve them from the persecution they were facing. One of the main messages of the church is to preach that people should turn to God and to remind them that if they don't the consequences are not pleasant.

Our message is a message of Grace and Mercy. But make no mistake- if you reject God's wonderful Grace and Mercy - God will reject you.

What Does Maranatha mean?

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